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Nicolas Blaiotta

Coach & Facilitator

I´ve always been drawn to providing service to others. I believe in everyone´s potential to become their better selves and find it rewarding and uplifting to assist in the transformation, as I transform myself in the process.

Early in my career, I found in Hospitality Management a means to channel my services to others, working as Front Desk Manager and Guest Services. After 10 years in the industry and having studied Philosophy and Psychology, I shifted mindsets and explored Consulting companies in my quest to refine my understanding of client needs and provide more meaningful services. My quest led me to work first as an Executive Assistant and later as a Project Manager for a number of organizations focused on Culture Transformation for organizations.

Over the years, I gained a vast experience in both human and operational resources, a combination that allowed me to expand my service skills.

I recently became a certified Coach, moved by the ever-growing sense of empathy towards people, unleashing my own potential as well of those around me.

I have a passion for different arts, especially for Photography, which allows me the grounding I need to express my inner world into pictures and later exhibit them around the world.

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I enjoy connecting and supporting others in their growth journeys. You can contact me here

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